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Why a regular ol' Fashion PR Agency won't do for your NYFW show

This past season (September 2016) we managed Front of House PR for 6 NYFW runway shows, three of which were on-site with IMG at Clarkson Square and Moynihan Station. Our boutique agency has developed a real area of specialty providing stellar front of house PR services for fashion brands at NYFW, Miami Swim Week and London Fashion Week and we have noticed that a lot of brands come to us after working with major fashion PR agencies. So, what makes our boutique agency so effective in managing front of house PR for a fashion show? Well we have identified a few key differences in our approach and experience that allows us to provide stellar service for brands showing collections at fashion week:

  • We have production experience and also produce fashion shows. Everyone on our team has experience with event production and managing front of house PR for a fashion show really requires knowledge of how the production process works as well as some production skills in terms of planning and timing activities to ensure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. 

  • We know our numbers. Because we have handled Front of House PR for so many seasons at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Miami Swim Week and even London Fashion Week, we have been able to track and monitor the number of RSVP's needed to fill seats for a show. Without giving away all of our secrets, let's just say you should be very worried if your agency tells you they have RSVP's that equal your capacity for the venue. We also have incredibly extensive relevant contacts to invite to shows from buyers, editors and stylists to influencers and celebrities to make sure your seats are filled with people that matter.

  • We know show days are 16 hour days. While there are many hours of work that go into preparing for your show, the day of your show, we know exactly what it takes to maximize results, including pre-show front-of-house prep and backstage interviews to check-in management and post show press release development. It is critically important during fashion week to service the post show press release to media on the day of your show, even if you have an evening or nighttime show. Our team is fully prepared for efficient post show press release development.

  • It takes more than one press release to maximize press for a brand. The post show press release gets the ball rolling, but we are experts at creating other angles to maximize press for our clients from beauty angles to trend and Pantone color angles and of course front row celebs that we get to attend your show! We are also able to combine looks from shows to give editors full stories based on trends we spot.

  • We use Fashion GPS (now Lauchmetrics) for all of our shows. We have an account with Fashion GPS and so whether you host your show on-site with IMG or off-site, we have the best tool in the business that ensures fully transparent reports and updates on RSVP counts, attendee reports and access to the Launchmetrics database of tens of thousands of  international fashion and buyer contacts.

  • The End of Fashion Week doesn't end our work. We keep chasing press and other opportunities for brands long after fashion week ends. We leave no stone unturned and routinely share press clippings with clients months after their show. 

  • We have buyer contacts and share them with our clients. Our agency has extensive buyer contacts and research team to find new contacts each season and we provide our fashion week clients with a complete list with contact information of buyers invited to shows so that you can follow up whether the buyer was able to attend or now because we know that sales equals success.

These are just a few of the ways that we are able to provide our clients with a premium fashion week experience for their front of house PR needs. You can see some of the top press we secured this past season below. For more information about our services, contact us today!

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