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Success: Producing a client's post-COVID runway show in paris during paris fashion week

Throughout the Pandemic we've asked ourselves if live events would return, and we are thrilled that they are finding their footing once again as we learn how to live with COVID. This March, we had the esteemed privilege of producing and managing the PR for Leanne Marshall's return to the runway during Paris Fashion Week. A lot of designers dream of showing in Paris, but it can be hard to navigate and pull the pieces together without working with a team that has experience producing shows in the city. We have been working in the Paris market for over 5 years and our team knows how to secure all of the elements necessary to execute a flawless event with amazing attendees! From lighting and decor to florals, music and models we have trusted local vendors and contacts. There are a lot of production companies offering shows during Paris fashion week in a hotel ballroom with subpar lighting, non-agency models and no media or influencer contacts to secure great attendance. Be weary of these opportunities as they typically result in little to know press coverage or buzz. We are pleased to have produced a show with an amazing diverse group of models focused on the designer's commitment to inclusion in terms of age, race, gender and size. The show garnered press coverage from top European press including Elle, Madame Figaro, Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire. We secured over 30 press placements for Leanne's show with reach over 6 billion globally. To learn more about opportunities to show your collection or plan an event in Paris contact us today!


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