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how to be an ally: black lives matter

Today is Black Out Tuesday, a time to go black on social media and learn, take action offline, plan on how we can be the change we seek and show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement in light of the murders of black people in America at the hands of Police.

We understand that not everyone knows how to support, and we wanted to lend suggestions and guidance for those who are lost on what to do next.



  1. Sign petitions that demand justice for people like George Floyd (example: Color of Change)

  2. Donate to the NAACP, Campaign Zero, Black Lives Matter or a local organization in your state that is fighting for equality [See additional resources here]

  3. If your state is holding their Presidential Primaries today GO VOTE (New Mexico, South Dakota, DC, Montana, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island all re holding primaries June 2nd)

  4. Post a black square in solidarity and DO NOT use the hashtag #BLM or #BlackLivesMatter in your caption this takes away their ability to assist and share information amongst the black community and allies in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Simply use #BlackOutTuesday

  5. Read up on African American history. This is not the first time that this nation has been here. (See the history of protest in America)

  6. Talk to friends and colleagues about how you can change the world and help end racism through shifting mindsets and speaking out about hate with love.


  1. Don't be silent. Silence is perceived as being against the safety and wellbeing of black lives

  2. Don't know what to post? CLICK HERE and download a template pack of examples and guidelines to keep in mind as you post on social - it is available for free. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING so you can avoid sounding tone deaf and making common mistakes of other brands. The resource on the Life By Style Website is on the top called "Templates, Resources & Tips for Brands Who Want To Post About Black Lives Matter"

  3. Donate to organizations that are doing the ground work in the movement to end violence against black people (and all humans) at the hands of police.

  4. Make a substantial donation if is within your means.

  5. Do not post your typical content in these times of unease you will be perceived as tone deaf and insensitive.

  6. Some blogger are participating in a Mute from June 1st - June 7th to help to amplify black voices.



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