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We secured this national Television coverage for one of our fashion brands!

A lot of prospective clients, job seekers and other people we meet ask us how we land national television spots for our clients and the answer is simple. We work hard, know what television personalities and producers like and have the contacts and connections to make it happen for products and services that are the right fit. We were thrilled to secure this coverage for our resort wear client, Barbara Gerwit just weeks after sending product in to the Today Show team. The success was born from a great product that was perfect for television, insider information from the designer, having the right contacts to send product and the ability to follow up and follow through with the producers, wardrobers and clients to make it happen. Our fashion pr and marketing agency is located in Manhattan so we have easy access to all of the action. Not every product or service is right for national morning television and there are different approaches that must be taken for those that are, but we know how morning television works and offer our brands an honest assessment of the viability of the "morning show" dream.


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