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We produce photoshoots too!

We have a team of seasoned fashion photoshoot producers that can produce your next photoshoot or lookbook. Why hire a producer? Having someone produce your photoshoot for your lookbook or line sheet can often be the same or less expensive than trying to manage the shoot on your own. Our agency is able to secure preferred and discounted rates of many aspects of a photoshoot that typically covers our production fee. Hiring a producer for your shoot with experience and knowledge of what photographers, models and locations are available in your target budget, ensures you are making the most of your budget for one of the most important aspects of any fashion brand. It can also save you time researching to find photographers, models, hair and make up artists, stylists and locations and more time negotiating with each third party vendor. A producer also knows the ins and outs of pulling permits, location fees, model and photographer releases. To see first hand how we work, check out the video above from a recent photoshoot we produced.


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