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Miami Swim Week- Its a Wrap....well sort of!

This year The Riviere Agency team had an insane Swim Week schedule. We managed the overall PR for SWIMMIAMI, which produced shows for over 17 brands including Mikoh, Frankie's Bikinis, Caffe Swimwear, Gottex, the CFDA group show and more! In addition, we managed Front of House PR for 7 shows. We have an incredibly strong events team and we partnered with our friends at 24 Group to ensure each event was not just staffed well, but overstaffed with experienced industry professionals (we don't rely on interns to manage our shows...senior team members and our owner are onsite for EVERY show).

No one knew how Swim Week would fare this year after IMG decided to take the year off, but the SWIMMIAMI team (LDJ Productons and SBI Productions) created an awesome experience. On the PR side, we worked our fingers to the bone to make sure that media attendance and coverage was just as strong as previous years and all of that hard work paid off. We had more editors from top tier, national magazines attend swim week this year than any other year!

Our team has been doing front of house PR for fashion shows at NYFW and Miami Swim Week for years, so we have an amazing process to ensure the brands that work for us have every possible advantage. Not only do we automate the RSVP process for attendees, but we make sure every show has a team in place to make sure seating is organized and efficient. We make sure that we prep for each show properly and have a post event press release with photos services to the media within a few hours of the show, which really helps secure a LOT more media coverage. Most agencies service the post event release and then high five for a job well done. But while Miami Swim Week is a wrap for everyone else, our agency knows there are still a ton of media opportunities out there for the brands that showed and so we will continue to follow up and chase after stories for the next few months.  We will check back in next month and share some stats on media impressions secured for clients, but we routinely secure over 100 Million media impressions for our clients worldwide and already have secured coverage with top tier outlets like E!, Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue Brazil and more.


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