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How We became the event production and pr specialists

We have been managing PR and some production for shows at New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week since we began the agency. We've had the privilege on working with a number of top designers as well as emerging designers, but much of our work has been with top tier platforms such as IMG's NYFW: The Shows. We have the unique ability to produce shows and events AND provide PR.

Early on we realized the shift in the media landscape and the power of influencers. We were one of the first agencies to invite influencers with various followings to shows and realized todays nano-influencer could be tomorrow's power influencer. It is that willingness to be a part of an influencer or editors journey from the beginning of their career that led us to have one of the largest and most powerful media, tastemaker and influencer lists. While large agencies get top tier media and influencers to an event they often can't fill a room at a brand party, event or runway show. We have watched a ton of brands go with the "big guy" only to see a half empty venue at their event or runway show. Why is this? Well, the big agencies have big clients and focus energy on relationships with the top tier editors and influencers, but in their regular workflow it isn't efficient for them to waste their time with mid-tier or newer influencers or media. Also, there are only five to ten agencies that do a volume of runway shows or events with large seating or venue capacities like shows for New York Fashion Week. If you aren't routinely needing to secure 1,000 RSVPs from legitimate editors, influencers, stylists, tastemakers, celebrities and industry insiders then you are developing the lists large enough to ensure great attendance at an event that is hosted for more than 20 people. We are known for "filling the house" for new and unknown designers at fashion week shows and are even hired "white label" by some large agencies and production companies when they need to have an event with full attendance from people that can build buzz on social media and move the needle for a brand.

We've been producing intricate larger scale fashion shows and events for over 10 years and combined that with PR with stellar results. Interesting in seeing some of our case studies? Email us at and we can send over our event case studies and schedule a phone consult.


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