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Fall is the Perfect Time for a Deskside for Swimwear Brands

Understanding the Fashion PR calendar is critical to a brand having the best chance for editorial placement. Fashion PR is its own beast and operates very differently from other industries. Our agency has a deep understanding of the editorial lead times for publications and know which publications to target at different times of the year. Fall may seem like an odd time to book meetings with editors for a swimwear or resort wear brand, but fitness magazines like Shape Magazines use swimwear, activewear and resort wear on covers and in each issue year round, so fall is a perfect time to introduce editors to next year's collection for these brands. Today, we met with the fashion editor at Shape and tailored out pitch to her for the  needs of the magazine focusing on shapes, colors and silhouettes that we know would work for their covers and editorial features focusing on interesting bottoms as covers often feature a model with a swimwear bottom and ready to wear top. When planning your desksides make sure that your team has a firm grasp on optimal timing for different types of publications. You wouldn't think that a swimwear brand would need year round PR representation, but taking a break or skipping a few months can lead to missed opportunities. So, next time you think your marketing season is swim or resort wear brand when temperatures start to dip, think again!


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