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Bigger Isn't Always Better when it Comes to NYFW Front of House PR

Small, but mighty is a pretty good word to describe our boutique fashion PR agency. In the past month we have received quite a few calls from brands that showed at NYFW and felt like they perhaps could have received a little more bang for their PR buck. Several had signed with large agencies to cover their show thinking, "Bigger must mean better." We love our other PR Agency friends and we truly believe that not every client is meant for every agency. We often get inquiries about our services from brands who we know would be better suited at another agency, and when we do, we make sure to give our honest opinion and recommendations. Not every large agency has a team that has experience to handle front of house PR needs for NYFW. The approach and strategy to securing press for NYFW is very different from managing the day-to-day PR for a brand. Everyone on our team has experience across multiple seasons for both New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. We have worked with both large brands and small brands for shows with 100 seats and shows with over 500 seats. We have experience with managing PR for both on-site shows and shows in the "tents" with IMG. Our team has the experience and drive to ensure that not only will you have a seamless experience on-site, but you will get great post event coverage from media. We are unique as we have both fashion show production experience and PR experience, so we know how to fulfill on-site PR needs without hampering production efforts.

Here are a things that make us different from other PR agencies here in the US with regard to fashion show management:

  • We have an agency account with Fashion GPS and so even our offsite clients are able to utilize the system which ensures your event is on editor, blogger and stylist's GPS Radar app (statistically it increases attendance)

  • Since we exclusively cover the fashion vertical we have extensive stylist contacts (both celebrity and editorial) as well as editors and hard to find fashion freelancers and top tier bloggers

  • We have celebrity contacts and can invite celebs to the show and provide them with full white glove assistance for show coordination and on-site management 

  • We can offer assistance with securing sponsorships (both in-kind and monetary) for gift bags, hair and make-up, accessories, liquor, etc. and we have extensive contacts to secure sponsors 

  • We research every RSVP and request for invite received to ensure they are who they say they are and they are seated appropriately if they are invited to attend the show

  • We ensure your event is fully staffed with our full time team of experienced fashion show team. Typically, we staff each show with a full roster of team members and ensure backstage, check-in and front of house are managed by experienced team members 

  • We ensure that the post event release is serviced to media on the day of the show and we begin researching a compiling our post event service list several months before fashion week to ensure a comprehensive list. If we are provided with a draft of line up, collection photos and descriptions we can service the release within an hour of receipt of Getty's link to images

  • We service a separate beauty release/pitch or story to beauty editors for brands that we work with to secure additional coverage based on the beauty looks that appeared on the runway and look for other press angles as well

  • We continue to follow up with media and secure placements for fashion week clients after the show. We routinely send fashion week clients clippings for additional placements we have secured several months after the show

  • We have an award winning production team that can offer assistance with castings, fittings and back of house production needs should you require it


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