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What to do for Miami Swim Week with IMG's Announcement that SwimWeek has been cancelled?

There has been a frantic panic among designers, media and swim and resort wear industry folks since IMG emailed the media with their announcement that they are canceling SWIMWEEK this year. A lot of confusion has ensued from this announcement and since we are privy to exactly what has occurred and the plan for Miami Swim Week 2016, we wanted to clarify things for anyone out there searching for information and offer our assistance to any brands or media. 

First of all Miami Swim Week has NOT been cancelled. The confusion has arisen because IMG rebranded MBFW Swim to SWIMWEEK earlier this year in anticipation of the end of the relationship with Mercedes Benz. IMG has trademarked SWIMWEEK as one word and so they are now referring to the shows that have traditionally taken place in the tents at the Raleigh Hotel as SWIMWEEK. So, when they made the announcement that they were canceling SwimWeek, the media, buyers and designers understandably were confused into thinking that Miami Swim Week as a whole was cancelled. However, the trade shows which include Miami Swim Show, Cabana Show and Salon Allure are still very much happening. IMG only handles the runway shows in the tents at the Raleigh and they are simply taking a break in their incredibly strong ten year run in order to come back with even more to offer designers, media and buyers. There is no doubt IMG is the leader in the fashion week vertical and their commitment to excellence for both NYFW and SWIMWEEK is unparalleled. 

So the question is, did the designers wanting to show their collections during Miami Swim Week from July 15, 2015 through July 20, 2015 lost the opportunity when IMG cancelled SWIMWEEK? The answer is emphatically NO!!! LDJ, a leading fashion show production company, which has been producing the runway shows for IMG in Miami from inception, has partnered with another leading fashion show production company, SBI to host SWIMMIAMI at the W South Beach and 1Hotel South beach, which can accommodate over 20 designers. FUNKSHION, which is a Miami based "fashion week" that has been offering designers show space at Miami Swim Week for many years also increased the number of venues they are offering designers to accommodate the overflow. So, designers still wishing to show collections during Miami Swim Week have two viable options and buyers and media will really only see a few major differences this year in the form of more venues where the shows are being held (a little more like NYFW) and the press registration will not be managed by IMG. We have relationships with both LDJ and Funkshion, so if you are a designer looking for alternatives our advice, email me and I am happy to chat with you. 

So, what should press who wish to attend the shows do? For a full calendar listing of ALL shows and Miami Swim Week happenings, including a media credential process that should give you access to shows with both Funkshion and SWIMMIAMI you can visit and register.  

We are sad to not be working with IMG this season, because we love what they do and their team is so great. However, I am fully confident and excited to see what they do next season. I am also fully confident that buyers, media and designers will have an amazing experience at this year's Miami Swim Week and there will be a plethora of beautiful runway shows from both Funkshion and LDJ.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to me at lori.riviere{at}


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