The Riviere Agency is helping to raise money for the Freelancer who help make our world go round. The Freelance Co-op COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Part of their mission is making creativity sustainable and is supporting freelancers in uncertain and unprecedented time. 

The foundation of the Freelance Co-op is creative freelancers pooling resources for success. If you’re a freelancer who is in a position to help others, please consider donating to the fund.

If you’re a creative freelancer who has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 virus and resulting public response, you can apply below for temporary assistance through the fund. Examples of funding usage are:

  • Your child’s school has been closed and you have unexpected childcare expenses.

  • Your client has cancelled an event or contract and you are unable to pay basic living expenses.

  • Someone in your family has contracted the virus and you have unexpected medical expenses.

This fund is for freelancers specifically affected by the COVID-19 virus or resulting public response.

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